Dem strategist: Can conservatives handle the fact that Cain's accuser is white?

Via Mediaite, here’s Karen Finney adding whipped cream to what’s already been an ice-cream-sundae of a day for the left. As delicious as watching the GOP frontrunner squirm must be for them, it can always be a little more delicious by ladling on some rich, creamy racial politics. Finney’s a skilled chef too: Remember, she was the one who accused the right last week of gravitating to Cain because he’s a black man who “knows his place” (his place being, I guess, the Oval Office). Kudos to her for managing to throw an even bigger rhetorical grenade here than co-panelist Toure, who was recently given a platform by Time magazine to accuse Cain of borderline minstrelsy.

Maybe they’ve got a point, though. Clarence Thomas’s wife is white and you all know how much conservatives hate Clarence Thomas. Exit question: Before you hit play, any guesses as to whose show this exchange occurred on? You get three, and the first two don’t count.

Update: Whoops — didn’t see Bashir’s name there in the chyron. Ah well. You guessed before you even looked at the video player, didn’t you?