Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

How does a guy who’s polling an asterisk manage to land not only the big spotlight on “Meet the Press” for himself but a cameo on “Face the Nation” for his kids? Why, by being the most centrist-y centrist in the whole darned field, that’s how.

Here’s the full line-up via Mark Halperin. According to Politico, FTN will spend most of its time on the Cain accusations. Even so, your best bet this morning is probably “This Week,” as Boehner’s sure to be grilled on the smoke signals from the House GOP that they’re open to a Super Committee grand bargain that includes new revenues. Where will those revenues come from? Stay tuned.

Meet the Press: Jon Huntsman, Bill Richardson, Haley Barbour

This Week: John Boehner, Condoleeza Rice

Fox News Sunday: Ron Paul, Heath Shuler, Mike Simpson

State of the Union: Martin O’Malley, Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Face the Nation: Liz Cheney, Ken Blackwell and @Jon2012 girls.