Quotes of the day

“‘We have had twelve meetings,’ one member said last night during a CB1 session in City Hall, ‘and now we’ve given up.’ It is about time. To most clear-thinking people, it has been painfully obvious for some time that the powers that be have credulously indulged a group that is simply playing games with the democratic process. Now those powers may have caught on, too

“Thus we see the nauseating spectacle of rapes being reported not to the police, but to the ‘Security Working Group,’ which hands down internal punishments to offenders. According to activist Channing Kehoe, those guilty of assault are punished by having their blankets taken away. American civil society does not include the option to opt out of the laws of the land, but that is precisely what Occupy Wall Street has done. Their ‘negotiations’ are simply taqiyya for the secular Left. Once upon a time, we called such behavior ‘secession.’

“There is increasing concern that the authorities have made a rod for their own backs. ‘Are we seriously suggesting that if a jihadist or neo-Nazi group moved in, they would have been indulged like this?’ asked a community-board member pointedly. ‘Or the Klan!’ interjected another. Meanwhile, the chairman worried about the precedent: ‘If any other group moves in in the future, would we be able to evict them, given the example we have set?’ His ashen expression answered his own question.”


“‘We had people who attempted to break into our building,’ the landmark Rotunda Building on Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, Tagami said Thursday. He grabbed a shotgun that he usually keeps at home, went down to the ground floor and ‘discouraged them,’ he said.

“‘I was standing there and they saw me there, and I lifted it – I didn’t point it – I just held it in my hands,’ Tagami said. ‘And I just racked it, and they ran.’

“‘We’re very concerned that a group of people can be allowed to do this type of destruction to our town and to our image without any repercussions,’ Tagami said. ‘They need to be held accountable.’ He rejected assertions that the anarchists were a small minority, saying, ‘No, you can’t have it both ways.’

“Tagami added, ‘I support a peaceful protest. But it was a siege situation last night, and quite frankly, I’m glad we were here. But I never want to have to do that again.'”


Via R.S. McCain. “‘Occupy DC’ protesters just attempted to force their way into the Washington Convention Center where the Americans for Prosperity Foundation is holding its Ronald Reagan tribute dinner for the ‘Defending the American Dream Summit.’


“In 2005, the Weinstein Co. set up financing of about $500 million to fund production and distribution. The investment vehicle was created and syndicated by a little firm called Goldman Sachs. One of the films that was produced by TWC using funds from that investment was Moore’s documentary Sicko. Given the success of his previous film, Fahrenheit 9/11, which he made with Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Moore was able to command a terrific deal for himself…

“If Moore really wants to be seen as someone outside the circle of those he is protesting, it would be great if he would disclose how much he has made off his TWC-backed movies and why he was willing to associate himself with financing set up by Goldman Sachs. Further, journalists should start showing more backbone in testing the veracity of statements made by those who use the media to disseminate a holier-than-though message.”


Via Philip Klein.


Via Accuracy in Media.