Cain: I'm the Koch brothers' brother from another mother

Via Mediaite, the perfect ending to a week his campaign spent trying to warn people about resisting media narratives. Even if he were guilty of harassment, I think this soundbite would still annoy the left more.

Here’s the Times article he mentions, which is boring yet useful as a preview of Democratic messaging in case Cain does somehow win the nomination. He, Mark Block, and a few other campaign advisors have been affiliated with Americans for Prosperity over the years (this clip comes from today’s AFP American Dream Summit), so Obama and the DNC have at least three talking points right off the bat. In order from dumbest/laziest to least dumb and lazy: (1) Cain knows and likes two prominent members of the one percent and, well, that’s just ain’t right; (2) if he’s tapped into AFP, Cain’s not nearly as much of an “outsider” as he’d have you believe (the NYT helpfully includes this point overtly in its article lest the reader miss it); and (3) Cain’s inexperience will lead him to be dominated by special interests like “the Kochtopus” (but unlike labor!) if he’s elected president. Frankly, if all they want to do is energize liberals, they don’t even need to bother with talking points. All they have to do is mention “the Koch brothers” in the same sentence as Cain and let the Pavlovian fear and loathing work its magic on the progressive base. We all need an evil billionaire Soros-ian supervillain to fuel our political narratives, my friends. Here’s Cain having fun by embracing the left’s Lex Luthor.