Inevitable: "South Park" goofs on Occupy Wall Street

Highlights from last night’s show via Jeff Poor and the Daily Caller. As tends to happen in episodes dominated by Cartman, the big laughs were at the expense of his psychosis. The OWS material was tangential — cute, but gentle. No sequences involving crime at the campsites or protesters behaving violently, for instance; imagine how prescient Parker and Stone would have looked if there had been, with this airing on Comedy Central at the same time as coverage on cable news of the latest display in Oakland of “what democracy looks like.” No sustained jokes about hippies (an SP specialty) either, just one moment of perfection involving an idiot drumming while a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask dances around him. OWSers got off easy. The real target last night, as you’ll see, were the cops and especially the media for hyping a patchwork of small, messy, mini-Burning Mans like they’re the second coming of the civil-rights movement. Well deserved, but I hope SP takes another, bigger bite at the apple.

They did, at least, include the obligatory Michael Moore joke, replete with folds of flesh spilling out from under his chin and t-shirt. Go read John Nolte on Moore’s latest contribution to the revolution, tweeting last night while the leaders of tomorrow were wrecking things in Oakland that “It is historically always safe to assume that if u see a ‘protester’ being violent, he is probably an undercover cop.” Lot of undercover cops camping out in parks these days, apparently. Exit question via Reason: When does the Occupy Torch Lake protest start?