Dem strategist: Conservatives like Herman Cain because he's a black man who knows his place

Makes sense. What better way to keep blacks down than by electing a rich, self-made black businessman president of the United States? I appreciate the fact that he’s willing to sit in the back of the bus, and by “the bus” I of course mean “his own limousine.” Such cheery subservience deserves a pat on the head and a treat of some sort. How about we give him the nuclear launch codes?

Cathy Young wrote an article for Reason a few days ago about the left’s endless race-baiting of Cain, but I don’t know what she was thinking in rushing that piece out now. There’s literally months of this to come, and it’ll be ten times as obnoxious if he pulls the upset in Iowa and suddenly looks poised to make a real run at the nomination. The Standard points out a few recent examples — Elijah Cummings, Garofalo’s endless “enlightened” demagoguery on Olbermann’s show, etc — but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Remember this bareknuckle punch thrown last week from Time magazine’s, ahem, “Ideas” section? How about the NYT story on Cain’s use of humor that sought out a professor to comment on his “minstrelsy”? One of the worst offenders, in fact, is responsible for the reedy voice you hear at the very end of this clip unctuously thanking Finney for affirming that the path to racial authenticity lies through liberalism. Within the past three weeks alone Bashir’s accused Cain of betraying the civil-rights movement and more or less hating his own race. And he’ll get worse, I guarantee it. Why shouldn’t he? The lower he sinks, the more the left will appreciate him for it. He’ll be MSNBC’s biggest star in no time.

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