Fun: Peter Schiff confronts Occupy Wall Street protesters

Via MRC TV, enjoy as a card-carrying one-percenter braves the Tupperware containers filled with urine at Zuccotti Park to pose the timeless question, “I’m employing 150 people. How many people do you employ?”

Actually, according to Fox News’s piece today about ACORN’s hand in organizing OWS marches and fundraising, the revolution employs quite a few people:

Sources said NYCC [the group formerly known as New York’s chapter of ACORN] has hired about 100 former ACORN-affiliated staff members from other cities – paying some of them $100 a day – to attend and support Occupy Wall Street. Dozens of New York homeless people recruited from shelters are also being paid to support the protests, at the rate of $10 an hour, the sources said…

Multiple sources said NYCC is also using cash donations through canvassing efforts in New York’s Harlem and Washington Heights neighborhoods for union-backed campaigns to fund the Wall Street protests…

“They give contributions because we say if they do we can fix things – whatever specific problem they’re having in their area, housing, schools, whatever … then we spend the contributions paying staff to be at the protests all day, every day. That’s where these contributions – the community’s money – is going,” the source said.

They’re doing the same stuff now that got ACORN in trouble to begin with. And yes, we’re still ACORN, there is a still a national ACORN.”

One woman who was recruited from a homeless shelter to protest and then canvass as part of a campaign ostensibly aimed at home foreclosures told Fox, “I get the money and then the money is being used for Occupy Wall Street—to pay for all of it, for supplies, food, transportation, salaries, for everything … all that money is going to pay for the protests downtown and that’s just messed up. It’s just wrong.” So in case you were wondering how they can afford the new Port-a-Potties, there you go. The bad news: Per Fox’s sources, unwitting people are being duped into chipping in under false pretenses. The good news: The era of Tupperware containers filled with urine might soon, mercifully, be over.

Exit quotation: “They’re telling people who leave prison to go to Zuccotti Park.”