Finally: The Occupy Wall Street commercial

Via Dave Weigel, savor the irony of a spot that begins with a call for more serious political conversations and then instantly reverts to deathless leftist boilerplate about “economic justice” and “peace rather than militarization.” (Maybe Obama’s not the candidate for these people after all.) This is as close as we’ve gotten to an actual list of demands, and … we still ain’t close. But honestly, I don’t even want to see the demands anymore. All I want to see is the math. We’re going to hike taxes on the rich to pay for education? Great! Who are we going to hike taxes on to lift the $1.299 trillion deficit boulder that Hopenchange dropped on us this year? The rich, right? How about making Medicare sustainable long-term before it supernovas from the pressure of millions of new Baby Boomers piling onto the rolls? Any creative solutions, or is that another case of shaking the big money tree that you’ll find growing in every one-percenter’s backyard? The tragedy of this idiocy, of course, is that many of the 99 percent really are hurting terribly and yet the only way to pay for their “solutions” would be to tax … the 99 percent. The chump in the White House knows that perfectly well but he’s too gutless to break the bad news until after he’s safely re-elected or else the GOP would pull something close to 99 percent at the polls next year. That’s another grand White House fraud. Not the grandest, but it’s up there.

No worries, though. Cosmic justice is coming his way in the form of some sort of OWS national convention they’re trying to arrange for July 4, 2012 — just four months before election day. A sample plank from the proposed agenda:

9. If the government fails to redress the petition of grievances and drastically change the path this country is on, the delegates will demand the resignation and recall of all members of congress, the president and even the Supreme Court and call for new elections by, of and for the PEOPLE with 99 days of the resignation demand.

I’m looking forward to those recall elections for the Supreme Court, but not as much as I’m looking forward to the look of perpetual constipation on O’s face as he’s forced to tack left to appease these people at a moment when he’ll be desperate — and I do mean desperate — to convince independents that he’s a true purple centrist at heart. New theory: Maybe OWS is a diabolical Mitt Romney plot?

Two vids here. One is the commercial, the other is … self-explanatory. Not necessarily representative of the movement, mind you, but after two and a half years of tea partiers being demagogued with the excesses of their worst members, we’ll be repaying the kindness for a long, long time to come. The second vid was shot today at the Occupy LA protests by Reason TV. You can watch that full video right here. Exit question: Which New York elected officials have taken to intimidating Zuccotti Park’s landlord on the protesters’ behalf?

Occupy Wall Street from David Sauvage on Vimeo.

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