Ahmadinejad at the UN: Too bad Bin Laden can't tell us why U.S. airspace was mysteriously left unguarded on 9/11

Admittedly, this guy ranting at the UN about 9/11 and America’s crimes doesn’t strictly qualify as “news,” but I’ve blogged this speech every year since the site was launched and would feel remiss if I didn’t do so tonight. It’s a Hot Air tradition, just as it’s a tradition for too-credulous journalists to sit down with A-jad in New York every September and be cheerily BS’d about Iran’s nuclear intentions. Think of him as a terrorist version of Humpbot: He’s almost as tiny and he’s clearly getting his rocks off here. The only difference is the Holocaust denial.

I didn’t watch the speech but I’ll bet cash money that last year’s predictions of how things went held up well this year too. The one new note, as you’ll see at the tail end of the first clip below, is him working the Bin Laden raid into his usual “America is the cancer of the world” medley. That’s only fitting — he couldn’t rightly let the 10th anniversary of 9/11 pass without taking a rhetorical dump on the victim’s graves. Surprisingly for a Truther, he does seem to think Bin Laden had a hand in it; not so surprisingly, he also seems to think OBL had friends in the U.S. government clearing a path for the planes. But he’s quite right that there’ll be a few details of the operation lost to history now that Osama sleeps with the fishes. If only there was someone else we could question about it. Any suggestions, Mahmoud?

That’s the first clip. The second clip is the obligatory yet always enjoyable disgusted walk-out by western diplomats.