Report: Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend

I know what you’re thinking, but wait.

High level Iowa Republicans tell that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire following her September 3rd appearance in central Iowa.

She’s in! Why else would she head to the other major early primary state so soon?

Possible reason:

Palin to joint Tea Party Express national tour. To speak Monday in Manchester, NH.

That’s from Chad Pergram, Fox News’s reporter on the Hill. When he says she’s “joining the tour,” I don’t know if he means joining it for that one event in New Hampshire or traveling with it across the country until it ends on September 12. They’re hitting a bunch of early primary states in addition to NH, arriving in South Carolina on September 9 and then Florida on the 10th, so if she announces on Saturday she could spend the next week making a mark in all four early primary states. Palin herself has steered people away from thinking that she’ll declare before Labor Day, though, so maybe she’s planning to do the tour, build up buzz, and then make the announcement after it ends. Note that the very last event on the TPE tour is the debate they’re co-sponsoring with CNN in Jacksonville on the 12th. She could announce that morning and then make her debut as a candidate that night. CNN will surely accommodate her by adding her at the last second. It’d be a ratings blow-out.

I hope for the sake of these poor people that she decides soon. They’ve been on pins and needles for years. Years!