Tea partier to McCain: You ready to apologize for that "hobbit" comment or what?

The inevitable follow-up to McCain’s unexpected detour into the Shire on the Senate floor a few weeks ago. If you’re watching this because you think it’ll be funny to see McCain get peevish and squirm, then by all means: Proceed. If you’re watching this to revel in the glory of McCain begging for forgiveness, well, you might want to skip it. Mavericks don’t apologize, my friends (except for weaselly “sorry if you didn’t understand” non-apologies). Especially Mavericks who beat a challenger from the right in the primary last year and who are five years away from having to worry about reelection.

As I write this, we’re exactly one hour away from the polls closing in Wisconsin. Recall-geddon is almost upon us. Watch the clip, then clear your mind. Tonight will be bumpy.