Audio: Al Gore screams about global-warming skeptics

Via Fox Nation. Four years ago, when he won the Nobel, 71 percent said they believed that carbon emissions were causing global warming. Four years later, after a crushing recession, Climategate, and an epic failure at Copenhagen, only 44 percent say they believe it. Meanwhile, 69 percent say it’s likely that global-warming scientists have falsified climate research. What you’re hearing here, in other words, is the voice of a man who’s very, very frustrated, not merely because the science is being questioned but because the dream of a global agreement to limit industrial growth isn’t a priority in a world frantic for economic growth of any sort, industrial or otherwise. To that end, if you missed it in June, read Walter Russell Mead’s three-part series (one, two, and three) on Gore’s green travails. Part one deals with the eternal “do as I say, not as I do” problem; part three tries to contextualize him within the tradition of southern liberalism. Part two gets to the heart of it:

The dream that the menace of global warming will cause humanity to overcome its ancient divisions and unite in a grand global coalition is sophomoric. Rising CO2 levels will not cause the world’s governments to accept and enforce international policing of the most intimate details of their economic lives. If the menace of nuclear war can’t create world government, the menace of global warming won’t do it either…

Mr. Gore’s work up to and including his latest Rolling Stone essay has taken a demagogic rather than intellectual approach. His method of arguing is to trumpet the science of climate change and to make ad hominem arguments against its opponents. The science is clear, it is settled, and the opposition against it is funded by people with an economic stake in denial. I am right about the science and my opponents are a bunch of evil opportunists in it only for the money…

The green movement’s core tactic is not to “hide the decline” or otherwise to cook the books of science. Its core tactic to cloak a comically absurd, impossibly complex and obviously impractical political program in the authority of science. Let anyone attack the cretinous and rickety construct of policies, trade-offs, offsets and bribes by which the greens plan to govern the world economy in the twenty first century, and they attack you as an anti-science bigot.

To argue with these people about science is to miss the core point. Even if the science is exactly as Mr. Gore claims, his policies are still useless.

Could be. Or maybe if he rants just loudly and long enough, with lots of personal derision towards those who question this scheme, the skeptics will start to see the light. No? Content warning.

Al Gore calls B.S. on climate change naysayers … by RealAspen