Possible new revenue-raiser: Let's tax cats

A late evening palate-cleanser. San Diego’s already thinking about a cat tax, to the tune of millions of dollars in new revenue if enacted. Granted, granted, it would technically be a registration fee, not a tax, but then that’s what The One said about the ObamaCare mandate and we all know the score there. With 80 million housecats in the U.S., at $25 a pop (the proposed San Diego rate), we could raise a cool $2 billion in new revenue, which would cover, oh, 23 hours of Medicare expenses. But that assumes, of course, that you could collect the money. As a potential future leader of the cat-tax resistance movement, let me assure Congress: If forced to pay, many in the kitty community would be ready to go “the full Snipes.” Not a threat. A promise.

Fun fact: San Diego already charges a dog tax, i.e. “license fee.” Ah well. I suppose the state needs to create a disincentive for choosing the inferior pet.

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