Great news from Van Jones: America is not broke

An ironic bookend to that Richard Cohen column I linked earlier accusing the GOP of being a “cult” that can’t face unpleasant realities. Look out here for actual chanting about how allegedly un-broke we are. (Even The One is more reality-based than that.) You’ve seen this schtick before — remember Michael Moore’s disgusting speech in Wisconsin about the “400 little Mubaraks” who have stolen “our” money? — but watch it anyway to see how slippery Jones is with the actual numbers. Turns out there’s “a lot” of wealth out there that could be used to reduce the deficit; not enough wealth to keep up with a metastasizing government, especially with entitlement spending set to explode, but still, it’s “a lot.” No need to sweat the details.

James Poulos says it better than me:

In the wake of David Brooks’ instantly infamous column calling Republicans an abnormal party on account of its tax-cut fatalism, it’s just about time for someone to declare the Democratic party deeply abnormal as a result of its (let’s be frank) moronic fatalism on entitlements. I know for a fact that many liberals are not, in point of fact, morons. That makes it all the more disturbing that their party insists, as a matter of political principle and whatever the consequences, that the federal government expand without limit the reach and comprehensiveness of its entitlement regime.

Hands confidently agrip at the wheel of a malfunctioning rocketship on fire, they smile grandly at the twirling dials as they shoot past the ionosphere. If there is a gas pedal on this rocketship, they are flooring it. They are very much in control.

Indeed. Oh, before I forget: This clip is brought to you by, which once produced an ad attacking George Bush for the size of his deficits. No joke.