New Obama deficit talking point: The GOP loves corporate jets or something

Six separate mentions during today’s presser, according to Jim Geraghty. So unfair and heavy-handed is this line of attack that even lefty Greg Sargent felt obliged to gently debunk it, noting that eliminating the tax break for corporate jets would net just $3 billion over 10 years. (Bonus fun fact: The tax break for jets was introduced in Obama’s own stimulus.) But it’s good election messaging, and as we know from O’s short-circuiting of the Afghanistan surge and his total cowardice on entitlement reform, there’s nothing he won’t do to position himself better for the election. He’s got two birds with one stone here, watering the evergreen narrative about the GOP being the “party of the rich” and building leverage for Democrats on the revenue-raising side of the debt ceiling debate. Everyone hates rich people and their damned carbon-emitting jets, right? Or rather, almost everyone.

It’s important to flag this now, though, because soon it’ll be as ubiquitous as the eternal “car’s in a ditch/Republicans are sipping a Slurpee” meme and you’ll need a reference point. Seriously, there’s nothing else for O to talk about: The economy’s such a disaster that Democratic pollsters are warning him to drop the rhetoric about “recovery” altogether because it makes him sound like an imbecile. As such, by late July, you’ll be so weary of corporate jets that you’ll find yourself thinking, “How long has he been mumbling about corporate jets? Two years now, maybe?” Nope. But it’ll feel like two years.