Video: Guy who's supposedly not running for president now posting campaign commercials online

Seriously, is this not a campaign commercial? His staff blasted it out via e-mail yesterday when he was on the cusp of a major victory over unions. Today, with that victory secure, they blasted out a link to this list touting his bipartisan accomplishments in New Jersey. The message couldn’t be more heavy-handed — mindless impotent D.C. bickering versus a tough-minded Republican governor capable of advancing his agenda even in one of the bluest of blue states. Smells like … victory.

Coulter made the case on Hannity’s show last night that all of Christie’s denials about running for president to date were hogwash aimed at preserving his negotiating power in New Jersey. If he’d said three months ago that he was running, the Democrats would have lined up against him. Instead, he denied and denied and denied, and they eventually came around and handed him a victory over public employee unions. Now that’s that done, theoretically, he’s able to finally announce his true intentions. Dude?