Important: Olby and Garofalo locked in heated non-debate about how evil the tea party is

Via the Daily Caller, is Olby the voice in Garofalo’s head or is Garofalo the voice in his? There’s not a scintilla of disagreement here — just JG doing her usual over-the-top impression of a cartoon liberal with KO mm-hmming all the way — until around 4:35 in, when suddenly a dispute erupts over whether Clarence Thomas is (a) a victim of Stockholm syndrome in having married a white tea partier or (b) a token used by the tea party to distract from its own seething racism. Gee, guys, I don’t know. Can’t it be both? Coming next week to “Countdown,” hopefully: Olby interviews a tape-recording of himself.

You know who’d be able to steer us through this thorny issue? Mayor Anthony Weiner. Exit question: Why would Olby be so adamant here that a group that’s almost entirely white isn’t necessarily racist? Hmmmmmm.