Status report from the White House: Obama's view on gay marriage still "evolving"

I don’t know what’s left to say that I didn’t say six months ago when he last lied about this issue, but in case you’re wondering whether he’s still pretending to be against gay marriage: Yep. Still.

But maybe not for much longer.

This week, he will headline a $1,250-a-plate “Gala with the Gay Community” in Manhattan, his first such event as president; on June 29, he will host a Gay Pride reception at the White House. He is doing so at time when the New York Legislature is considering whether to make same-sex marriage legal — a vote that the president will no doubt be asked about while in New York.

The White House would not comment on whether Mr. Obama was ready to endorse same-sex marriage. But one Democratic strategist close to the White House, speaking only on the condition of anonymity, said some senior advisers “are looking at the tactics of how this might be done if the president chose to do it.”

And Representative Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is gay, said in an interview that a top adviser to Mr. Obama, whom he would not name, asked him this year, “What would be the effect if he came out for same-sex marriage?”

“My own view is that I look at President Obama’s record, he was probably inclined to think that same-sex marriage was legitimate, but as a candidate for president in 2008 that would have been an unwise thing to say,” Mr. Frank said. “And I don’t mean that he’s being hypocritical. I mean that if you live in a democratic society, it is a mix of what you think the voters want and what you think is doable.”

A Democratic strategist claims that Obama’s position is “evolving” because he’s begun to view the issue in terms of his presidential legacy, which is a polite way of saying, “He may need to do something special for his base this year to keep the campaign money coming.” To some extent he’s a victim of circumstance, partly because New York may be about to push this issue back onto the national radar and partly because one of his spokesmen was dumb enough to tell progressives last week that Obama didn’t personally complete the candidate questionnaire in 1996 in which he said he was in favor of gay marriage. (Carney backs off that claim here and cuts their losses by admitting that he did fill it out.) Expect a Romney-esque dodge if/when he’s questioned about it at the NY fundraiser, with O insisting that while he’s not quite ready to endorse gay marriage in the abstract, he’s a gung-ho federalist who fully supports states experimenting with it if they so choose — so long as they arrive at the right outcome. For some reason, ostensible gay-marriage opponent Barack Obama dislikes it when a state’s majority opposes gay marriage like he does. C’mon, champ: If a RINO candy-ass like me can get away with backing gay marriage on a righty blog, surely the president can risk a little candor with independent voters.

In all the years that Obama’s been lying about this, has even a single reporter pressed him on what he means when he says his views are “evolving”? The evolution’s allegedly been ongoing since he first ran for Senate in 2004; that’s almost seven years he’s had to work through this issue. It took him nine months to pass ObamaCare, two years to execute a surge strategy in Afghanistan, and a couple of weeks to decide whether he needs congressional approval to bomb Tripoli legally, but somehow the question “do I think gays should have a right to marry?” is a brain-buster that’s taken him the better part of a decade to answer. Okay.