Report: Palin to decide on run next week?

So says R.S. McCain, who once co-wrote a book with Lynn Vincent, Palin’s collaborator on “Going Rogue.” Palin’s non-denial denial via Twitter:

Really? Hmm, guess they forgot to inform me what I’m “expected to do” next wk

I figured her announcement would be timed to coincide with the release of “The Undefeated,” which is supposed to premiere in — ta da — Iowa sometime this month. She’s not formally associated with the film but it’s potentially important to her campaign insofar as it’s aimed at winning over voters who aren’t already in her camp. The easiest way to maximize its exposure would be for Palin to unveil her candidacy as it debuts, and since it’s debuting in the most important early primary state, she’d benefit twice over by making a splash with Iowans. Could be that the timeline for the premiere has changed — the filmmaker hasn’t chosen a venue yet, in fact — but if not, then it makes sense that she’d decide soon.

Or maybe I’m way off and she’s not planning to time anything to the film’s release. She did say at the end of her bus tour that she was planning a West Coast tour this summer too, which may mean no announcement until that’s done. If anyone can afford to jump in late, she can, but note Geraghty’s post on how it’s already later in the campaign than you might think. If she runs she’ll rely mainly on small donors, but she’d surely like to enlist some big donors to help keep the campaign moving; the longer she waits, the fewer of them are left. And of course, she has to worry not only about Bachmann’s poll surge (and Herman Cain’s?) but the possible entry of Rick Perry. She still could, and probably would, leapfrog all of them once she’s in, but the more time they have to lock up voters, the harder it’ll be for her to consolidate tea partiers against Romney and/or Pawlenty once she hits the trail.

Exit question: Did Michele Bachmann really mean to suggest that she thinks the field is large enough as is, or is that just The Hill’s spin?