Video: The Vancouver hockey riot

Via Verum Serum and Real Radio. Like you, my first reaction when I heard about it was “Canadians don’t riot!” My second reaction, after googling for four seconds, was “Oh wait, they do. Really predictably, too.”

A woman told CNN in the aftermath, “It’s totally unlike Vancouver.” Hey lady — guess what?

The 2011 Stanley Cup riot will be remembered as much worse than the 1994 riot, the man who investigated the 1994 riot says.

“This was worse than 1994 in terms of the violence, the fires, the hooliganism, the vandalism and the sheer outright defiance of law, seeing the police pelted,” said Bob Whitelaw, who wrote an analysis and more than 100 recommendations for British Columbia’s attorney-general and the British Columbia Police Commission after the 1994 riot.

“I am astounded and professionally very upset,” Whitelaw said. “Some of my findings were not adhered to last night, principally, the parked cars in the downtown area, when trouble began those cars were damaged, and they didn’t disperse the crowds quickly enough, or have enough exits going before the cover of dark.”

Earlier this month, Whitelaw told The Sun in an interview that he was concerned about a repeat of the 1994 riot

He says the riot would’ve likely happened whether the Canucks won or lost.

Whitelaw speculates that the troublemakers came from “outside Vancouver”; Vancouver cops are also pushing the theory that “anarchists and criminals” are to blame rather than drunk, deflated ‘Nucks fans. The “anarchists” seem to have come prepared, judging by the number wearing Vancouver jerseys in the vids. It’s also strange that these mysterious outsiders would turn up for a post-game riot in Vancouver but not in Boston, eh? Four clips for you here, the last of which is the most harrowing; watch as a poor shop owner gets jumped at around three minutes in. Two good things did come out of the riots, though. One is this instantly iconic photograph (“love among the ruins”) and the other is Ann Coulter’s take via Matt Lewis. Is it really “only” a six-month wait?