Matthews: Hey, maybe Weiner's wife is partly responsible

I don’t know what he’s talking about and neither do his guests, but since it’s Weinergeddon, I feel obliged to post. A question while you watch: Did Weiner ever explain during this afternoon’s presser how the ‘tweet heard ’round the world came to be? He spent one of the most excruciating half-hours in modern political history yammering about his sexting habit, but unless I missed something, all he said about the underwear pic was that it was sent as a joke. Which makes no sense in context: He admits to sending lewd messages and pics to other women, but this one tweet — of a photo he’d allegedly already sent to Meagan Broussard as a come-on — was … a goof? I don’t think he meant to send it to the Washington co-ed either; she strikes me as a complete bystander to all this based on everything I’ve read about her. In which case, who was the “joke” really intended for?

The latest from Radar, incidentally: Another one of Weiner’s sext partners claims he did indeed use government resources to chat with her. He’s going to end up getting censured by the House, for sure. Beyond that — we’ll see. Click the image to watch.