Video: "Raising Cain"

Via Matt Lewis, Team Cain is calling this “The Herman Cain Train Music Video” but let’s stick with my much snappier title (which actually figures in the clip). A tantalizing tidbit from PPP for all the Cainiacs among the readership:

Herman Cain tied for 2nd in Iowa numbers we’ll release tomorrow

I was thinking today that he’s the only person in the field for whom running this year is all upside. Romney and Pawlenty could embarrass themselves by flaming out; Bachmann could disappoint in Iowa, which is supposed to be her stronghold; even Huntsman, although a longshot, could underperform by spending a boatload of money on the race and still ending up as the “who?” candidate. But for Cain, it’s all gravy. He looks like he’s having a blast on the trail, and he’ll probably do well enough in Iowa and in the southern primaries to raise his profile considerably within GOP/conservative circles. Worst-case scenario: He follows in Huckabee’s footsteps and ends up with his own show on Fox in 2013. Best-case scenario? He actually wins a few primaries and becomes a factor in the race. I can’t quite see him winning the nomination — yet — especially if Palin jumps in, but, er, check back with me in four months.

By the way, note his choice of hat here and the country/western soundtrack. Like I said after Frank Luntz’s focus group went nuts for him in South Carolina, he may very well emerge as the “southern candidate” in the field. How the media’s going to square that with their deathless assumptions about southern conservative racism, I have no idea — but it’ll be amazing to watch.