Video: Netanyahu rocks Congress

In case you missed the speech this morning, the Right Scoop has complete video and Netanyahu’s Facebook page has a transcript. I’m stealing the headline from Philip Klein, but only because his metaphor is so apt: Given the crowd’s enthusiasm, all that was missing here were glow sticks.

David Frum makes a smart point. This speech was a message to Obama — not from Bibi, but from Congress:

That wasn’t Benjamin Netanyahu speaking. That was Congress speaking.

Mahmoud Abbas had a plan. Ignore Netanyahu. Go to the UN General Assembly [in September]. Get a vote purportedly recognizing a Palestinian state. Then use that vote to leverage international pressure on Israel.

The iffy bit of the Abbas plan was always that fourth step. There have been no shortage of anti-Israel UN General Assembly votes over the years, most famously the 1974 “Zionism is racism” vote. But those votes did not cause the US or the Europeans or other important players to change their policy to Israel. Why would one such vote more?…

So September was always a mind-game against the US. The vote would matter only if the US agreed that it mattered…

Congress’ reception of Netanyahu doused the Obama speech with ice-water realism.

Indeed, which is also why none other than Harry Reid went out of his way to stomp The One last night at AIPAC. If Obama wants to risk Jewish voters’ support for Democrats by making major concessions to the Palestinians the year before a crucial election, he’s not getting cover from either party to do it. I actually doubt there would be any tidal electoral shifts if he did make those concessions, but you wouldn’t need them to be tidal to swing a close presidential election — or, more realistically, close Senate and House races. You’re on your own, champ. Good luck with those negotiations.

Two clips for you, one of Netanyahu’s (already famous) response to a heckler in the gallery and the other of him addressing the border issue. Note how he gives Obama some cover by citing him for the proposition that the eventual border won’t be the same as the 1967 lines; O grumbled about that misperception of his position in his own speech to AIPAC. Exit question: You guys sure you want to keep that “Natural Born Citizen” clause in the Constitution? If Bibi jumped into the GOP primary tomorrow, I’m guessing he’d start at around 65 percent in the polls.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET