Gingrich: If you're looking for a Washington outsider, you've found one

“I will clearly be the most change-oriented” candidate in the race, says the guy who denounced Medicare reform eight days ago as “right-wing social engineering.” The best part comes up front, when he thanks the Washington press corps for all of the hostile coverage last week, which they apparently reserve only for those heartland outsiders whom they mistrust. Which is great, except (a) as noted previously, the coverage he got from conservative media was every bit as hostile as from big media, and (b) the reason the press was covering him incessantly was because he seemed to be melting down by the hour, and of course because his criticism of Ryan was soundbite gold for Democrats. Did any big media sources rip on him for being too radical and outsider-y in what he said? They were showcasing him precisely because his take on Medicare is the traditional insider-y Republican view. Don’t be “messing with entitlements,” remember?

Exit quotation: “[N]othing says Washington outsider like a Couch Caress with Nancy ‘Heartland’ Pelosi.”