Krauthammer on Gingrich: This is a capital offense against the 11th Commandment

Via Fox News Insider, I’m posting this mainly to give the Palin, O’Donnell, and Rush fans in the comments a chance to say “look who’s talking.”

How much longer can the beatings of Gingrich go on? Judging from this, at least another couple of days, I’d guess:

Republicans say they were largely blindsided by the comment, which came on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. But some in Congress said they’ve heard Gingrich say this before. Campbell, a staunch conservative, said that the Georgian told a group of Republicans in a closed meeting earlier this year that they shouldn’t “be messing with entitlements.”

“I’m not inclined to support somebody that makes our jobs harder rather than easier, personally,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a member of the Budget Committee and former Republican National Committee chief of staff who considers Gingrich a serious candidate. “I don’t know what other people think.”…

“It’s typical of Newt to be whimsical,” [former Gingrich rival Dick] Armey said in a phone interview with POLITICO on Monday. “We always say: Newt always has so many great ideas. Well yeah, but then he shifts between them at such a rate it’s pretty hard to track it let alone keep up with it.”…

“My view right now is he has joined the ‘don’t care’ crowd, “Armey said. “It isn’t about the nation’s health care — the nation’s fiscal health care — it’s about [Newt’s] presidential race.”

So there’s his campaign slogan in the making. “Newt 2012: Don’t Be Messing With Entitlements.” A surefire winner with 80-85 percent of the 65-and-over vote.

Two clips for you here, first Krauthammer and then Brit Hume. If you thought the Foxies might go easy on one of their own (former) contributors, think again.