Poll: 60% think Bible forbids celebrations over Bin Laden's death

Really? In this atheist household, we had a keg. We were doing Bin Laden keg stands.

Six-in-ten (62%) Americans agree it is wrong to celebrate the death of another human being, no matter how bad that person was. There is strong agreement across party and religious lines.

60% of Americans believe the Bible’s admonition not to “rejoice when your enemies fall” applies to how Americans should react to bin Laden’s death. There is strong agreement across party and religious lines.

The breakdown:

I’ve read a few stories this week citing religious authorities as saying it’s okay to rejoice in Bin Laden being neutralized so that he can’t plot terror anymore, but rejoicing in him getting popped in the skull by a Navy SEAL is a strict no-no. Is that what our readers have been celebrating for the past two weeks — neutralization, not just desserts? If not, if we’re all actually high-fiving over Osama being shot like the deranged animal he was, then of course forgiveness is available — provided that forgiveness is earnestly sought. Is it? I’m honestly curious about this. How many readers exulted in Bin Laden’s demise and … don’t feel guilty about it, quite frankly? That’s precisely how I feel, but then I’m not being held to any more exalted standard.