Mike Huckabee: Only Mike Huckabee knows what's going to happen tomorrow night

Not even the executive producer of his show knows, he tells Cavuto. Dude, it’s like “The Decision” all over again — one solid suspenseful hour of unbridled egomania and melodrama. The more I think about it, in fact, the more unlikely it seems that he’s going to make a crowd of fans sit through an entire 60-minute program on pins and needles and then tell them he’s not running for president. That would be like LeBron having announced his decision to go to Miami at the end of the Cavs’ final playoff game in front of a packed house. My prediction for how the show will end: These guys will come out to play their Huckabee “Let It Be” rewrite, then Huck will casually unbutton his dress shirt to reveal a “HUCKABEE 2012” tee underneath. Pandemonium.

At NRO, Robert Costa reports that the word around Little Rock is that Huck is out, partly due to the extra scrutiny that would come with being a frontrunner. Here’s the clip from “Your World,” which naturally ends with a few jabs at his old pal Mitt Romney. If Huck doesn’t run and Romney somehow ends up with the nomination, how deeply on a scale of one to 10 will Huckabee regret not having joined the race to stop his old nemesis? I’m thinking 11 or 12.