The obligatory "still no idea if Mitch Daniels is running for president" post

Remember all those news stories this morning about Mrs. Daniels’s big speech to the Indiana GOP tonight and how it maybe hopefully possibly might finally offer an inkling as to whether the Hoosier Hamlet was ready to jump in?


At an Indiana GOP dinner featuring first lady Cheri Daniels as keynote speaker, Mitch Daniels spoke for a few minutes — and gave little away about his 2012 plans.

“This whole business of running for national office … I’m not saying I won’t do it,” he said, talking about how he had planned to go “to some quiet place … [like the] outdoors cable network” after his term as governor was over…

Cheri Daniels said little that alluded to 2012 in her keynote speech. (Although Daniels fans may want to note that she said: “If Mitch wants me to do something and he thinks the answer’s going to be no, he tells Cindy [Hoye, the executive director of the Indiana State Fair Commission] to ask me.”)

“Look, just make a decision. It’s time,” grumbled Larry Sabato afterwards. Today would have been the perfect moment, not only giving his wife a chance to quell media doubts by publicly blessing his candidacy but capitalizing on the contrast with Romney’s widely derided health-care speech this morning. As one establishment favorite was melting down, another would have been riding in to replace him. Instead, another day of diffidence. I don’t get it.

To atone for this latest entry in the endless excruciating will-he-or-won’t-he Daniels speculation dreariness, I offer you a piece of mindless video joie de vivre. This dude’s skills are downright … Huntsman-esque.