Democratic candidate's new ad: We minorities need to stick together

It’s Dan Adler, Hollywood agent turned Disney VP turned new media entrepreneur turned race-baiting candidate for Congress in California’s special election. For whatever reason, racial demagoguery as practiced by California Democrats seems to be more overt than the usual wink-and-nod sort practiced by their colleagues nationally. Remember Loretta Sanchez warning Univision last year before the midterms that “the Vietnamese” (in the form of Republican Van Tran) were trying to take her seat? She was in trouble for awhile but rallied to win her race comfortably. You may have taken Saigon, “Vietnamese,” but you’ll never take Loretta Sanchez’s district.

Adler’s got a tough haul in the primary — among his opponents are California’s secretary of state and progressive favorite Marcy Winograd — so bottom-feeding racial appeals really might be his only shot. To see more from his advertising oeuvre, click over to TPM and check out the video of Patty Duke saluting Adler’s ability to “get sh*t done.” Yes, really.