Good news: Charlie Crist launches exciting new career

I’m offering this as a cackle-inducing palate cleanser but it raises a semi-serious question. Is this guy actually conducting some sort of sympathy campaign to help launch him back into office? Go back and watch the YouTube video of him from a few weeks ago lavishly — and I do mean lavishly — groveling to David Byrne for using his music in an ad without permission. After that, you’d think his new law partners would spare him the indignity of coming off like a two-bit ambulance chaser in their new TV ad. But … no. When you’ve got the former governor on staff, I guess you have to make use of his name recognition. Which means one of two things. Either they paid Crist a boatload of money to swallow his pride and cut this commercial or, per my not-quite-serious theory, he’s actually trying to make people feel sorry for him so that they’ll feel better pulling the lever next time he runs. I have to admit — it’s working. Watching this, I kept thinking, “Can’t we put him out of his misery by making him mayor of Sarasota or Coral Gables?” Really, is it so much to ask?

Looking forward to the inevitable Obama ads after his presidency ends. He’s going to look great holding that iPad.

Update: Clip via Sarah Rumpf of Sunshine State Sarah.