Martin Bashir: Look how well-behaved these British crowds are compared to American ones

Via Mediaite, is this really the only clip out there today of a reporter making a jerk of himself at the royal wedding? I’ve checked video blogs and all the cable news nets’ video pages expecting to find some hack commentator drunk on camera or weeping over Kate’s dress or fawning lavishly over very minor royalty in attendance, but this seems to be the pick of the litter. Eight thousand journalists on the scene and no one humiliated him/herself? Impossible. Go forth, my friends. Find the clips.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bashir, he’s the MSNBC host who recently spent 14 minutes of airtime demanding that Andrew Breitbart prove he’s not a racist. He’s also a man easily stirred to patriotic reverie, it seems, as the sight of a big crowd not breaking into a destructive stampede is enough to inspire a riff on the virtues of Brits vis-a-vis those darned yanks. Just one quibble: As I recall, there was a bigger crowd on the Mall in D.C. for Obama’s inauguration than there was in London today for the wedding and that seemed to come off without a hitch. We do sometimes see riots in cities whose teams have just won sports championships, but a guy from the land of soccer hooligans has no grounds to complain there. I was in NYC on 9/11 and during the August 2003 blackout, and despite mass confusion and anxiety among the throngs in the streets, everyone did just dandy following police instructions. So what gives?

This guy does realize that there were huge riots in London only a few months ago, one of which involved an attempted attack on Prince Charles’s own wife, right?