Lawrence O'Donnell: Jesus wants us to have a super-progressive income tax

How super-progressive? He won’t commit to a number but does point out that Jesus encouraged his followers to relinquish all possessions, a step O’D himself obviously hasn’t taken despite his evident Biblical mastery. Ninety percent, maybe? Eighty? Presumably Obama, a.k.a. Christ’s vicar on Earth, will know the number and how we might redistribute it most righteously. A semi-serious question per his reimagining of Jesus as some sort of celestial IRS agent: Is religion, or at least Christianity, really just a handmaiden to the state in this telling? That’d be awfully ironic given the faith’s origins, but if O’Donnell’s urging Christians to disgorge their material belongings into the U.S. treasury and not their church or some charity, I don’t know how else to take it.

Just FYI: When I found the atheist Randian utopia, there’ll be a flat tax of 10 percent. A little for the military, a little for the roads. Golden. Click the image to watch.

Update: Look at it this way, Lawrence. We’re getting there.