Report: Ron Paul to make "important announcement" in Iowa tomorrow

‘Tis the season.

The two-time presidential candidate is scheduled to make his announcement during a press conference in the state capital of Des Moines at 4:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, his political committee LibertyPAC said in a release.

The move signals that Paul is likely to make a formal move regarding his likely presidential campaign. On Monday, Paul said he expects to make the decision whether to run “within a month.”

So instead of getting 5-10 percent of the vote, now Gary Johnson will get one percent. Which makes me wonder: Did Paul, who once said he’d probably support Johnson if he didn’t run himself, give Johnson a heads-up about his intentions? Seems strange for GJ to bother running when he not only has no chance at a majority but now no chance at the libertarian vote either.

If you’re wondering why Ron would choose to run again when Rand has dropped hints about being interested, Politico’s write-up of the new Objectivist Camelot has a (probable) answer:

“He comes across as more mainstream, at least in appearance,” said Rep. Paul. “And I think he’ll be a better legislator – he’ll offer amendments, get bills passed. I’m not a good legislator.”…

Indeed, even if Ron does run again for the White House this year, it’s clear that Rand is already on his way down the same path– and could be a much more serious contender than his father ever was. He’s privately telling Republicans that he thinks Obama will be difficult to beat – a hint that he’ll hold off until 2016 when there is an open race and his dad is likely to have hung it up.

“Ron Paul is the pioneer but Rand Paul is the really the future,” said Dave Carney, a veteran GOP consultant who worked for George H.W. Bush and is now Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s top political adviser. “Rand Paul is a serious national figure and could be a big-time player.

So this will be a last hurrah for dad and then Rand, with six years’ experience, will tackle the Rubios and Christies in 2016 when, assuming Obama wins reelection, the field will be wide open on both sides. Meanwhile, here’s Ron on “The View” this morning joking that he doesn’t think a run by his son is likely to happen this year since “There’s a little bit of discipline in the family.” Stick with it halfway through for the obligatory passage about the military-industrial complex.