Pew poll: Overwhelmingly, Trump is the Republican candidate whom voters have heard the most about lately

Alternate headline: “Time for more Republicans to jump in and start campaigning. Seriously. Now.

This is part of Pew’s weekly poll about goings-on in the news so those numbers only reflect whom voters have heard about lately. In no sphere of reality have more Republicans heard of Mitt Romney than Sarah Palin overall; Romney’s ahead this week because he declared his candidacy recently and because Palin was lying low before her big Wisconsin speech. Which is to say, don’t read more into the numbers than what’s actually there. Do, however, read into the fact that 53 percent can’t name anyone as proof that either (a) it’s still way too early for voters to start caring about the election, which explains the silly Trump boomlet, and/or (b) that there’s plenty of opportunity at the moment for a charismatic dark horse to jump in and seize the spotlight. Jeb-tastic?

Apropos of nothing, here’s another data set from the same poll. Note the second and fourth lines, and reflect on the difference between Paul Ryan’s wonky number-crunching and Obama’s more visceral Mediscare tactics. I like to call this one, “Why we really might get wiped out in 2012”:

For your enjoyment, here’s Mark Levin in top form destroying Trump on his facile non-solutions to the debt crisis, for starters. If you’ve missed the past, oh, three days of blogging on HA or elsewhere, Dan Foster of NRO has a useful rundown of the Donald’s many, many disagreements with conservatives on policy matters various and sundry. The latest to be added to the list: He was also a fan of the auto bailouts a few years ago. Exit question via Levin: If Trump’s vast wealth — possibly $7 billion, according to Politico — is a valid reason to support him, shouldn’t we consider drafting Bill Gates? Click the image to watch.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on May 27, 2023