Beck's dream ticket: Allen West/Michele Bachmann

Via the Blaze, as fanciful tickets go, this one might be a smidge more popular with grassroots conservatives than the Huckabee/Trump pairing. I understand why he chose West, who’s a rock star among rock stars, but I’m surprised that he’d opt for Bachmann over Palin given their high-profile appearances together last year in D.C. and Alaska. He doesn’t sugar-coat his reasoning either with some variation of “she’s too big for the office.” His argument, essentially, is that the media wrecking ball has done real damage to her image and that she hasn’t repaired it sufficiently to be viable. That’s a standard read on her for a centrist conservative but not typical of someone who’s keynoted CPAC recently. Makes me wonder what’ll happen on the right if Bachmann formally announces and then Palin jumps in later this year, jolting the race. Will Palin overwhelm her with name recognition, or will Beck-ian logic rally tea partiers behind Bachmann as the (marginally) more electable of the two? Tough choices.

And speaking of Huckabee and Trump, the Donald wasn’t the only important meeting that Huck’s had in NYC lately. According to Politico, he’s feeling out wealthy donors to see if the money will be there should he choose to dive in. When you’re in or near the lead in every major poll, I guess it’s hard to say no. The next “dream” ticket on the horizon: Huckabee/Barbour?

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