Bad news: Pawlenty nixes the highly anticipated Trump/Pawlenty ticket

What’s the definition of a slow news day? How about a guy who announced his presidential exploratory committee three weeks ago and who hired a campaign manager just yesterday headlining Drudge for telling CNN tonight that he’s running for president?

Needless to say, despite his obligatory in-it-to-win-it bravado here, T-Paw would actually be a model VP choice for any number of his rivals. He got close in ’08, of course, before McCain decided he needed to jazz up the race, but I’d go so far as to say he’s the frontrunner if he fails to win the nomination next year. Smart, personable, midwestern, evangelical, and unburdened by baggage: The only would-be nominee with whom he’s potentially a bad match is Romney because, realistically, the GOP needs someone on the ticket who’s either from the south or who holds strong southern appeal. Huckabee, Barbour, Gingrich, or Palin could do a lot worse.

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