Video: The greatest press conference of all time

Alternate headline via Mary Katharine Ham, ever mindful of developing media narratives: “Small, state-wide election with vital national implications soon to have no national implications whatsoever.” There’s nothing in this clip that you don’t already know, but since righties are mainlining schadenfreude on Twitter right now over Prosser’s ballot windfall, I thought I’d cut you in on the action by giving you 18 glorious minutes of pure win. If you only have a few to spare, skip ahead to 13:30 and watch as a Waukesha Democrat who helped tabulate the votes steps forward to confirm that, yes indeed, the new numbers are right and Prosser’s ahead by 7,500. Imagine the sort of good cheer from the left that’ll be waiting for her and for Nickolaus when they log into their e-mail accounts tomorrow.

In case the video’s not schadenfreudean enough, here’s a fun screencap for you from tonight’s “Hardball” segment on the left’s glorious victory in Wisconsin. Note the breaking news chyron onscreen as Matthews and company were busy dissecting the significance of Kloppenburg’s win. And be sure to read this at Big Hollywood, which isn’t so much a post as it is a sugary confection of bloggy goodness. Prosser’s (likely) victory doesn’t heal the wound from weeks’ worth of filthy leftist threats against Republican legislators after the collective bargaining bill passed, but it’s a powerful analgesic. Enjoy it. Click the image to watch.

Update: Gateway Pundit pours it on.

Update: Prosser says he’s “encouraged” by today’s developments. I’ll bet.

Jazz Shaw Apr 12, 2021 2:31 PM ET