Pelosi: The GOP's getting ready to starve six million seniors or something

Via Breitbart. I don’t know which budget bill she’s talking about, the 2011 one or Ryan’s new one, but if it’s the former than she’s actually complaining here about a GOP budget that she could have prevented by passing a budget herself last year when she was Speaker. (Of course, with Democrats in control in the Senate and White House, any Mass Senior Starvation Program would require bipartisan support to pass now anyway.) Anyway, get used to this: Warnings about grandma being forced to eat styrofoam peanuts and Fancy Feast because of heartless Republicans and their insane crusade for solvency will be a staple of Democratic talking points by next November, especially with the White House desperate to win back seniors alienated by ObamaCare. Last week it was the GOP wanting kids abroad to die of malaria, this week it’s our nation’s elderly being made to eat out of garbage cans or else waste away, next week it’ll be something to do with puppies. So let me repeat the question posed last week: If they’re this worried about important programs falling through the cracks, shouldn’t they want to come to the table and make some sort of deal on a long-term sustainable budget that protects welfare programs to some extent? How does letting the country collapse fiscally, which would prompt truly draconian cuts under an austerity plan to rebalance the books, put more food on seniors’ tables? In fact, that’s one of my core complaints with the GOP’s “messaging” thus far, as bold as it’s otherwise been. Thanks to Obama’s appalling, irresponsible budget, the public is still under the illusion that we’re debating whether to reform entitlements. We aren’t. We’re debating when to reform them — now, when we have the luxury of lengthy debate, or later under extreme duress. I know how Nancy would solve this problem, but her answer is no more realistic politically than wanting to abolish Social Security and Medicare. So what’s the magic Pelosi plan for keeping those seniors — and everyone else — fed and insured and averting a fiscal catastrophe, the part of the equation that somehow always gets lost in these heartbreaking tales of woe? She’s the House majority leader for the Party Of Ideas™, right? Let’s hear some ideas.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022