War: Fox News claims airstrikes on Qaddafi's compound called off when CNN reporters were used as human shields

They’re not accusing CNN of being taken hostage, just of having been suckered into heading to the compound at the regime’s invitation right around the time British jets were targeting it. Allegedly the Brits found out they were there and called off the airstrikes to avoid collateral damage. That’s the first clip; the second clip is of CNN’s Nic Robertson, irate, not only denying the allegation and claiming that Fox had a cameraman at the scene too but basically accusing Fox’s Steve Harrigan of being a goldbricker who’s too timid to head out to dangerous hot spots. Actual quote: “I see him more times at breakfast than I see him out on trips with government officials here.” Dude.

Two questions. One: This can be resolved easily enough by confirming/debunking Robertson’s claim that an FNC rep was on the bus with them last night, no? I’m frankly surprised that CNN didn’t reveal the guy’s name on air here to put him on the spot. Two: If Robertson’s timeline is correct, that the reporters on the scene were only given 25 or so minutes at the compound, how can we even be sure that Qaddafi and company knew that there were new airstrikes coming in that time window? Using reporters as human shields would, I’d imagine, involve keeping them at the compound for hours and hours on end. To shuttle them in and then right back out is an odd means of shielding.

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