Video: Wisconsin Dem intervenes to protect GOP senator threatened by mob

You have to see it to believe it. The clip is long and the key moment doesn’t come until 2:50 in, but you won’t be able to look away. The savior here, in the orange union t-shirt and sportsjacket, is Democratic Rep. Brett Hulsey; behind him, with white hair and glasses, is Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman. Watch and try to imagine what might have happened had Hulsey not been there. Even some of the protesters are sufficiently alarmed to start a chant of “peace-ful” to calm the more unruly ones down.

Ann Althouse, who lives in Wisconsin and has been covering the protests since they began, reports tonight that her husband just got back from the statehouse with video of at least one person who seems to have lost his mind — either from sleep deprivation or who knows what else. Quote: “Someone needs to go around to everyone who is still there and check them for mental stability.” If you want to know why Michelle Litjens and other Republicans need a police escort around the Capitol, now you know. Click the image to watch.