New Rockford, Illinois tourism ad: Come hide away -- like you're a state senator from Wisconsin

Cheeky link bait aimed at conservative blogs or earnest ad campaign targeting progressives? It’s the former for the moment, but let’s face it — if the fleebaggers succeed in waiting Scott Walker out and getting the collective bargaining bill killed, they’ll be instantly beatified on the left. Tales of their exploits shall be passed down in hushed tones from one generation of six-figure-income unionized public workers to the next. Why, without the “Wisconsin 14,” kids will be told, mom and dad would have had to struggle the way the chumps in private employee unions do. There’s tourism gold waiting to be mined in that kind of hagiography. Imagine visiting Rockford and sitting at the very same table where that moron accused Republicans of disrupting the democratic process by not letting him vote by phone — after he’d fled Wisconsin.

A pilgrimage to Rockford to see where Cheap Trick was born was already on my bucket list, so yeah, I’ll find some time for a “here’s where the battle to rein in spending died” tour while I’m there. It’s history!

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