Mitch Daniels to Indiana's fleebagger Democrats: Come home, chumps

A belated attempt to undo the damage from what he said on Tuesday about the right-to-work bill proposed by Indiana Republicans. If you missed last night’s Quotes of the Day — including/especially this incisive defense of Daniels by Avik Roy — read them now for necessary context. Daniels has no love for unions: As noted even in my Tuesday post, he acted on his first day as governor to strip state workers of their collective bargaining privileges and he’s fully behind Scott Walker in Wisconsin, as he’s eager to remind Cavuto here. The reason he thought pushing the right-to-work bill now was a bad idea in Indiana was because he knew the fleebaggers would flee, destroying the quorum and jeopardizing not only the labor bill but the GOP’s entire agenda, including education reform. And … that’s exactly what’s happened. The right-to-work bill has been withdrawn by Republicans yet Democrats remain holed up in Illinois doing what they do best, i.e. wasting taxpayer money.

So there’s his defense, although between the social issues “truce,” his ruminations about a VAT paired with income tax cuts, and now this, he’s probably already lost many grassroots righties irretrievably. Exit question: Does his vigorous damage control over the past few days signal that he’s running for president after all? He’s got the Chris Christie “fiscal con RINO” seal of approval if he does!

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