Endgame: "The Hangover 2" trailer debuts

Consider this not a palate cleanser but a cry for help. Explain to me, please, what it is about the original that allegedly makes it a comedy classic. (Worldwide box office gross: Almost half a billion dollars.) I went to see it and figured I’d love it to pieces; moronic gonzo comedies like Sandler’s first few movies and pretty much the entire Will Ferrell oeuvre (“Anchorman” especially) always make me laugh. But “The Hangover” was so broad and the jokes so obvious that it felt more like a send-up of moronic gonzo comedies. It was basically “Road Trip” with an older cast and Zach Galifianakis in the Tom Green “eccentric” role. Why, there was even a colorfully bizarre Asian character who spoke stilted English, just like in the comedies you loved while growing up.

But everyone except me loved it, so here you go — part two, coming soon. This one’s set in Thailand so expect a lottttt of jokes about transvestites and/or transsexuals and maybe a quirky little monkey companion to provide sight gags periodically. Say, there’s one now!