Believe it or not, UN Human Rights Council might not condemn Qaddafi tomorrow

You might think this would be the easiest of easy calls, but when you populate an ostensibly neutral international body with self-interested governments — many of them as ruthless and cretinous as Qaddafi’s — you’re bound to get perverse results. Why would China, say, take a stand for human rights in Libya when it’s cracking heads back home? In practice, these moronic UN agencies do more for fascist regimes by providing them with a little moral legitimacy by association than they do for dissidents trying to survive under those regimes.

Which is precisely why you should be root-root-rooting hard tomorrow for this loathsome body to give Qaddafi a complete and total pass. Believe it or not, there are still people in the world who take the UN’s “human rights” apparatus seriously. A great good many of them will have their minds changed if, after a week of headlines about Libyan protesters being killed with heavy weaponry, the HRC punts. If Qaddafi’s going down in Tripoli, here’s hoping he takes this ridiculous outfit with him.

The U.S. delegation to the United Nations is looking to win tough language against Libya by the U.N. Human Rights Council, as the body prepares for what may be its most critical test since President Obama reversed U.S. policy in 2009 and joined the controversial panel…

Member countries of the Human Rights Council are currently mulling over a draft resolution circulated on Wednesday that calls for an immediate end to hostilities in Libya and the launch of an investigation that would determine who should be held accountable for the bloodshed in the North African nation…

Neuer said the Human Rights Council could nudge the General Assembly in that direction [of removing Libya from the HRC] with a strong statement on Friday. He expressed satisfaction with the draft resolution, though he was disappointed by language that referenced human rights violations “in Libya.”

“It should condemn the government and make clear the violations are by the government,” Neuer said.

That’s from Fox News, but lest our lefty readers think there’s an agenda here, Reuters was already wondering yesterday what sort of draft they’ll pass and even whether they’ll pass a draft at all. People are being strafed by fighter jets, and it’s actually in doubt whether the UN Human Rights Council will say anything about it. Dwell on that for a few seconds.

The only sign of a break in the normally solid bloc of Islamic, African and Asian states which — with Russian, Chinese and Cuban support — effectively controls the Council came with Jordan, Qatar, Senegal and the Maldives backing the draft.

But diplomats said this would not be enough to prevent the majority — who work to shield each other from public criticism on their rights performance — from blocking any meaningful action by the Council.

Plain and simple here: If the Council can’t pass a draft tomorrow that condemns Qaddafi’s regime specifically for the killing — not “we regret the killings in Libya” or whatever, but Mad Dog Must Stop — the U.S. should resign on the spot. There’s no earthly reason to remain. At best we’re tarnished by the continuing association, at worst we’re willfully enabling scum like the Castro brothers by legitimizing this stupid “human rights” credential they have. If the HRC can’t act here, it’s effectively defunct. Walk away.