Video: Union protester grabs FreedomWorks staffer's camera, hits her with sign

Via the boss emeritus. The FreedomWorks staffer in question is Tabitha Hale, whom some of our readers will know from her role in helping to organize events for conservative activists. Ed e-mails to say that he’s known her for years and that she’s never been less than perfectly pleasant and friendly, in case you’re wondering if she was likely to have been harassing this guy before the camera started rolling. Lefty Tommy Christopher of Mediaite also knows Hale and says, “I’ve never known her to be anything but completely honest.”

So what happened? Quote: “They threatened and yelled, then hit me with a sign and threw my phone. But none of us were hurt.” And so an obvious Narrative question presents itself: She must have been asking for this somehow, but … how? Perhaps she was invading this fine gentleman’s “personal space?” Or perhaps she somehow “manufactured” the confrontation to precipitate a little thuggery, thereby painting poor liberals in a bad light. I bet if we dig deep, we might find that it was her, not union protesters, who was carrying those “Scott Walker is the new Hitler” signs last weekend. Besides, even if we conclude that the man in red is at fault, is it fair to draw conclusions about all the demonstrators based on the incivility (and possible fraud!) of a select few? Based on the left’s attitude towards tea partiers, I’d say … yeah. Absolutely.

Exit quotation from AmSpec’s Philip Klein: “I bet [Tabitha] is gonna get a sweet bonus from the Koch bros for staging that video of her being assaulted.”