Orwell lives: Ahmadinejad condemns Libya for using violence against protesters

I don’t know what to say. In five years of Hot Air, there must be something in the archives that’s more surreal than this, but offhand I can’t think what it could be. A few weeks ago, after Iranian leaders started praising the uprising in Egypt, someone at the Corner (Jonah Goldberg, I think) wondered how Tehran’s totalitarian mindset manages to erase the contradiction of supporting demonstrators abroad while gunning them down in the streets at home. Good question. Has A-jad reached a point of such fanatic dissociation that he sincerely doesn’t grasp the hypocrisy? Or does he grasp it just fine, yet has come to the conclusion that he somehow benefits politically from saying things this insanely preposterous? Bizarre. Presumably he’s decided that he’ll say anything he has to in order to weaken a Sunni rival internally, no matter how looney tunes it sounds to the rest of the planet.

More dissociation from Mahmoud here. And speaking of insanity, here’s the latest peace proposal from Qaddafi HQ: Assuming a new regime takes over, how about letting Qaddafi stay on as a “big father” advisor to help guide Libya to stability? Come to think of it, maybe that’s the most surreal thing we’ve ever posted.