Video: The flub heard 'round the world

Early this morning, when the clip first started circulating, people were goofing on it as an immortal Burgundy-esque tongue-tied gaffe. Then the Telegraph reported that she’d been hospitalized with a suspected stroke, which brought the merriment to a screeching halt. And now, from her station’s management, another plot twist:

Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning.

Question for the M.D.s in the audience: Is it even remotely possible that paramedics would conclude that she did suffer a very slight stroke and would send her home instead of to the hospital? (Strokes aren’t as uncommon in people her age as you might think.) And if it wasn’t a stroke, what could it have been? Aphasia isn’t something that suddenly strikes and then you’re back to normal, “feeling fine” the next morning, is it? Poor woman.

Update: A reader e-mails to say that it could have been a Transient Ischemic Attack, a.k.a. a mini-stroke, from which people can recover in less than 24 hours. A TIA is, however, “a serious warning sign of stroke,” and according to the National Stroke Association, a person showing signs should be hospitalized immediately.