SOTU recap: So, who hooked up on prom night?

Quite possibly the best SOTU coverage I’ve seen today, for two reasons. One: It nicely captures the stupidity of our reps’ hamhanded civility display. And two: It’s the only bit of coverage that’s distinguishable from all the other bits. To extend yesterday’s analogy, if the SOTU is the political equivalent of the Pro Bowl, then reading the day-after punditry about the speech is like watching a six-hour post-game show. As tedious as the “game” is, it’s nothing compared to the navel-gazing about it afterwards. And yes, I know I’m guilty of some navel-gazing myself. Such are the occasional perils of blogging, my friends: Like Madden, you’ve got to pull out the ol’ telestrator and give it a go even for meaningless exhibition scrimmages.

As further reading, see Conor Friedersdorf’s salute to Every Editorial You’ve Ever Read About The SOTU.

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Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET