Good news: Sharron Angle not ruling out presidential run

Sure, she couldn’t beat the face of the Democratic caucus in a hugely Republican year even with a gigantic war chest. And yeah, her comment about “Second Amendment remedies” was probably the single most often-cited soundbite after the Arizona shootings by liberals pushing the smear that Loughner was driven by right-wing rhetoric. But why let that stop her?

Serious question: In a primary field that includes Palin and, quite possibly, Michele Bachmann, what percentage could she reasonably expect? One? Maybe?

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle of Nevada descended upon the movie premiere of a conservative Christian movie in Johnston [Iowa] tonight, and she wouldn’t say that she was running for president.

But she wouldn’t say that she wasn’t.

“I’ll just say I have lots of options for the future, and I’m investigating all my options,” Angle said before a couple hundred people sat down to watch the premiere of “The Genesis Code,” a $5 million film that aims to present a controversial view on religious freedom and on the balancing act between faith and science…

“Please, just invite me back,” she said to Iowans.

I assume she’s playing the same game here that Jon Huntsman and (probably) Pence and Bachmann are playing via their own flirtations with 2012 — namely, using the presidential race to gin up buzz for their plans to run for statewide office. John Ensign’s up in 2012 and he’s been badly weakened by his adultery scandal, to the point where he’s already acknowledged to local papers that he expects a primary challenge. Angle understandably believes she’ll have an easier time in the general if she can win the next primary than she did with an incumbent as savvy as Reid. Would grassroots conservatives want to gamble on her again, though? After her last campaign was reportedly horribly run?

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