Video: Democrats walking around with their own ObamaCare interview backdrops now

From today’s Cavuto, a chat with noted constitutional scholar Sheila Jackson Lee on location at the Capitol. I know, it doesn’t look like the Capitol, but that’s because she has an aide slightly out of view holding up a poster-sized photo of a bedridden elderly woman behind her. Yes, really — they didn’t even set it up on a stand. You can actually see the staffer’s hand enter the left side of the frame at times. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that Lee didn’t take it and hold it in front of her, just because that would have made it a literal human shield in addition to being a metaphorical one. (Bonus fact: As Cavuto notes, the woman pictured in the photo is a Medicare recipient. Not only will she not lose her coverage if O-Care is repealed, it’s precisely because so many voters fear the consequences to Medicare from passing ObamaCare that the Democrats were destroyed among seniors last November.)

Incidentally, what if this kicks off a trend and other pols start doing news segments with DIY backdrops? For his next interview on ObamaCare, Paul Ryan should get a giant photo of a pile of money burning and have it pasted to his shoulders behind his neck.